How Do Relaxation, Intuition, and Empowerment Go Together?

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As I design my offerings, every now and then I have to stop and ask myself “what (the heck) am I doing?” and “how do these things go together?” (Yes, I could confess to WTF moments.)

Sometimes it feels like I am doing a few different things which could be confusing, both to me and to you. After all, you want to know how I can help you. How does your life improve by enrolling in one of my programs or buying one of my products, or even from simply joining my email list?

It might seem strange for me to share that I get confused about it at times (“uh, hello…this is your work, what you do…”). I have had that conversation with myself so, so, oh, so many times. And then I remember why there is momentary confusion.

It’s slippery.

Yes, slippery.

Meaning, hard to hold on to, hard to keep the mind wrapped around it. Actually, part of its slipperiness is because the mind can’t understand it. It is beyond the conscious mind.

“It” is being soul-centered, soul-driven, being in touch with your soul, Higher Self, or however you might think of it, and everything that goes with “it.”

Empowerment comes from “it.” Empowerment does not come from other people. They don’t empower you. You empower you. You empower yourself when you are in contact with, or rather established in, soul awareness and access its wisdom, understanding, perspective, strength, and courage, and let that guide you in the choices that you make both big and small. That’s empowerment.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of clutter that gets in the way of said soul awareness and is part of what makes it slippery.

Good news: others have figured out how to do it and left us clues. (Whew!)

A vital component to soul awareness is your intuition. Intuition is a skill more than it is a gift which only a few have. You do have it; it just might be a dormant skill or something you are clumsy with right now. But you can develop it and become more skilled at using it.

A technique that helps you become more skilled with your intuition and soul awareness is relaxation. Relaxation is not just something to occasionally indulge in but instead is vital to your well-being, health (physical and mental), and helps you tap into your intuition more.

Voila! Relax, become more skilled at your intuition, increase soul awareness, and be more empowered! That’s how they go together.

Live in your power,



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