I Sat Down to Do This but What Happened Was Different Than I Expected

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On Monday, I wanted to “finish” writing one of my programs I will soon release. I say “finish” (quote-unquote) because what happened was quite different than what I expected.

I sat down, pen and paper in hand, and tuned into my Higher Self via my intuition. I asked my Self what content needs to be included in this program, how should it be formatted, and other details.

I had planned on it being a 40-day program, and yes, it is 40 days and so is Part 2. What? Part 2? So all of the sudden, I am not writing just one program, but two. Okie dokie.

I planned on taking myself through the program before offering it to you (hence why I was sitting down to “finish” writing it). What I found out is that it is being written each day over the next 40 days. (I am on Day 5 as I write this.)

I was given more detail which will be shared in the program, but what I was really surprised by (or maybe I should say the other thing I was really surprised by) was the emphasis that it is a very rich, succulent, lavish program. It is not a ‘light’ program but instead for those who are really committed. I could feel the importance of understanding that. It is not for the faint at heart.

Just in case that sounds a bit scary, here’s some good news: Part 2 is a bit ‘lighter’. In Part 1 you do some deep personal work to create an intention, and in Part 2 you put it into play.

Right now the program is called “Flowing with Opportunity,” but for all I know the name will change.

One of the other pieces of information I received was to share what happened with you, before I am done. Oh, that is uncomfortable. Typically I like to have things all figured out before making an announcement (which has stalled me in the past), but, my Higher Self has a better perspective on this and I trust that, hence all of the above.

Today is Friday, which is named after “Freyja,” the bold Nordic earth goddess. I did a quick search about her. She rides a chariot pulled by cats. Mee-ow-sa!

So here I am being bold and sharing this with you. More soon.

Live in your power,

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