Are You a Hot Spot?

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What is the key tool you need to be empowered?


Your intuition.


Yes, your intuition.

Think of it as a “power tool.” (I couldn’t help myself. It was just too good!)

Yes, you do have it. We all have it. You were born with that indispensable tool. You simply need to take it out of the tool box and learn how to use it. I am here to help you with that.

But first, a quick, helpful distinction. By intuition, I do not mean being ‘psychic.’ It is not about knowing the future or knowing things about other people, but instead knowing more about your now, the immediate next step, or even knowing more about yourself and your environment.

Basically, your intuition is an information source, same as a website or an expert. Okay, maybe not exactly the same as, but my point is, your intuition is a great source of information.

The reason it is important for you to know how to use your intuition, or rather, understand it, is because your soul uses your intuition to communicate with you. It is your soul that helps you make empowering choices and decisions.

Let me back up a bit.

Your soul knows all, or rather, has access to all information. It knows when something is coming, needs to change, when it is or is not time to move forward, a different perspective, and so much more.

It is like the traffic helicopter that can see what is happening in a different place than where you are now, it has a broader perspective, and could help you avoid getting stuck in traffic, find an alternate route, or move through it more easily. Think of your intuition like ‘traffic alerts’.

So again, the reason it is important for you to understand your intuition is because your soul uses your intuition to communicate with you, and it is your soul that helps you make empowering choices and decisions.

And BTW, your soul is always up for conversation. It lovesto talk and to be heard. Anytime. Anywhere. It is like the ultimate wi-fi hot spot.

Learning to understand your intuition can be like learning a new language. It can feel foreign and confusing. I have been actively practicing using my intuition for years now, and I still have moments in which I think, “…what???…” or after the fact, “oh, that’s what that meant.” I keep doing it because I have consistently seen that the information and ideas I receive via my intuition are very valuable and helpful, and I continue to get better and better at it.

A bit more about my experience… understanding and trusting my intuition was something I developed, not something that came naturally or that I have done since I was a child. Even though we are all born with it, for some of us it takes conscious attention to learn how to use it. I was raised by very rational, logical parents and that serves me well in many regards. I’ve just learned to balance that with a “non-linear” logic approach, aka, intuition.

You might think it sounds flakey, unreliable, even airy-fairy, but what if your intuition could help you make millions? That is what it did for Conrad Hilton (yes, as in “Hilton”).

Hilton was preparing to bid on a property he valued at $159,000, but the day of the auction he woke up thinking “$174,000.” (hmm…kind of random…) He put in that bid and got the property. He beat a competing bid by $1K. (Oh! Not so random!) Later he sold it for several million dollars. Doesn’t that make you want to listen to your intuition? Truth is, many highly successful people rely on their “gut” or intuition in addition to (and sometime contrary to) empirical data.

So what about you? Do you know how to understand your intuition?

Be sure to get my “Practical Intuition” 4-video E-course (coming soon!) so you can know how to use this indispensable power tool. It can help you in numerous ways and it is prerequisite information to know before we work together.

And hey, it’s free. No brainer.

Live in your power,


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