A Quick, Simple, Convenient Way to Calm Your Mind

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Do you ever want to look at your mind and say, “Settle down over there!” or “Shut the eff up!”?

It happens to all of us. It is not just you.

It is the nature of that little beast called the mind.

It jumps around. It goes on negative tirades. It thinks there is something better and that the grass is greener over there. No! Wait! Over there!

If it’s not looking for greener pastures, then it is flying through a gazillion what-ifs and is amazingly creative in thinking of the number of ways in which things could go wrong.

Yeah, you know what I mean.

Good news: There are things you can do to help calm down the mind so you can be more clear and focused, and I am sharing one technique below.

I share it for two reasons.

  1. A calmer mind is something I want for everyone. It is a game-changer. It helps you handle life and all its ups and downs better. It’s one of my “the world would be a better place if…”
  2. It helps you hear, see, or feel your intuition more clearly. In order for you to better hear your intuition, you need to calm the mind, at least every now and then.

As you have seen in other blog posts and on my website, it is important for you to understand your intuition because it is how your soul communicates with you, which helps you make better decisions, have greater understanding, and be more empowered.

So let’s get started. This technique is called, “Even Breath.”

The breath and the state of the mind are intimately related. When you feel calm, the breath is calm, smooth, and/or slower. When you feel agitated, the breath is quick, short, and/or choppy, or in some cases you might be holding your breath.

Basically, the breath reflects the state of the mind.

You can use that relationship to your advantage. By gently shaping the breath to be smooth, calm, and even, you affect the state of your mind to be calm and even.

With your mind calm and even, you are better prepared to hear your intuition and receive information, whether that is immediately in that moment (while practicing this technique) or in the near future.

What is an “Even Breath”? Simply put, the inhales and exhales are the same duration, a 1:1 ratio.

1:1 ratio means the inhales and exhales are the same duration. For example, the inhale is 4 counts, and the exhale is 4 counts.

Practicing the “Even Breath” on a daily basis will help you change the overall condition of your mind to be more calm and even. Again, with the mind calm and even, you will be able to hear your intuition better, thereby enabling you to make more empowered choices and decisions.

Even 5 minutes a day is enough to help you begin to change the state of your mind.

This technique can be practiced in almost any situation, and can be practiced with the eyes open or closed.

At first it will be easiest to practice in a seated position and focusing solely on the technique, but soon you will be able to use it while doing something such as household chores.

Once you get the hang of it, you might try practicing it while in the midst of a challenging situation so that the mind remains calmer thereby letting you handle the situation from a calmer state of mind. How great would that be?

The Even Breath is a simple technique, yet might take some time to feel like you have the hang of it. You might be able to do it right away, or it is possible for it to take a few weeks or even a couple months to get the hang of it. Fret not. Again, 5 minutes a day can be sufficient to be able to do it and reap the benefits.

Please approach it in a gentle and relaxed manner. Remember, the breath and the state of the mind are intimately related, so if you force the breath to be even, you could be causing tension and agitation in the mind. Most of us don’t need any more of that!

Stuck in traffic?

Waiting in line somewhere?

Need a quick break from work that will help you get focused again?

All of those and more are opportunities to do the Even Breath without having to clear your schedule, or even having to close your eyes. (Keep those eyes open in traffic, please!)

I have used this technique with numerous clients and students, all of whom find it helps them greatly and in many situations.

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Live in your power,


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