How Many Hearts Do You Have?

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It’s February and messages with hearts and love abound.

It might seem like a strange question to ask how many hearts you have, but you might be surprised by the answer.

You have three hearts.

The physical heart is a vital organ slightly left of center and pumps blood throughout your whole body. It beats faster when you breathe harder, such as during exercise. That’s about everything I know about it, so let’s move on.

The heart chakra is an energy center or junction point in the energetic spinal column (part of the subtle body). As stated, it is “energetic,” meaning non-physical. In Sanskrit, it is called “Anahata,” (aw-na-ha-ta) meaning unstruck sound (or sound made without being struck; the sound that comes out of nothing). It is typically shown as a vibrant emerald green color, but that can vary depending on your emotional state.

As indicated above, the heart chakra both influences and is influenced by emotion, so essentially emotion is its domain. It is where we begin to open up to love and compassion, or the lack there of. The heart chakra can expand and be full of energy when we experience (feel) “love” moments such as falling in love, exchanges with loved ones, receiving and/or expressing love-based messages, being in nature, as well as connecting to universal, agape or Divine love. Conversely, the heart chakra can shrink and even have energetic scars (rips, tears, wounds) due to emotional trauma, anger, and resentment. Forgiveness and acceptance are key to repairing scars and avoiding future ones.

The heart chakra also has another special responsibility. It serves as the crossing point between, and helps to manage, our earthly/worldly life and our spiritual one. Here the two meet and can have a positive influence on one another. It’s a big job, actually. I will share more about the heart chakra in a future article.

Lastly, we have the Spiritual Heart which can be thought of as slightly right of center, although it is part of the causal body (a body even more subtle than the subtle body and more encompassing). In Sanskrti it is called the “hridaya” (hr-die-ya), and is also referred to as the cave of the heart. The spiritual heart is the seat of the Spiritual Self, the Higher Self, the soul or simply, the Self. It is beyond words (I’m even having trouble writing about it at this point), beyond emotion, beyond hurt or pain, beyond duality, and instead encompasses everything (and nothingness).

In various spiritual texts/scriptures, literature, and poetry, a clear distinction between the heart chakra and the Spiritual Heart is not clear in many instances. Understandably there has been confusion of the two and typically anytime we see “heart” we think it means the heart chakra (and sometimes it does depending on context). However, the distinction is important because the Spiritual Heart is beyond emotion. It is Love—not it feels love but IS Love. In this case Love is an “is” or “being,” not a “doing” (even feeling is a doing).

It can be hard to fathom ‘beyond emotion’ because as humans, we are emotional beings (sure, some more than others). Emotion is part of the human experience—but isn’t for the Self.

The Self doesn’t have emotions. As stated above it IS Love (not feels love). It IS Bliss. It IS Peace. It IS Joy. Those are not emotions but instead states of being, qualities of the Self.

This Valentine’s Day, in addition to expressing your love to the people in your life (personal love; “doing” love), what if you also consider simply being Love.

I would say contemplate it, but the mind can’t comprehend it. It goes beyond the mind. The ego is going to try to step in and tell you how to do it correctly, or even that you do “being Love” better than others. That’s the ego’s game. See it and dismiss it.

However, even though it is a mental activity, playing with the idea of “being Love” can help.

When you find yourself saying, “I love him/her because….” Stop. Drop the because. Just be Love.

When you find yourself being critical and/or judgmental of or angry at someone, stop, and be Love. You don’t have to love them personally. That is often quite hard to do. “Be Love” is not personal, so is not about the other person.

And, maybe most importantly, when you find yourself criticizing, judging, belittling yourself, stop, and be Love.

Instead, be your Self. Your Self has no faults and is perfection, Divine perfection.

Live in your Power,

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