I Finally Listened to My Intuition on this Big Decision

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I recently made a pretty big decision and want to share with you some things about it.

First, to the end the suspense, I’ll share what the decision was. I am adding “Color Consultant” (interior home color) to my bag of tricks. Yay!!

If you’re thinking, “huh???” get in line behind me. I thought the same thing.

It might seem like a departure from my other services, which is part of what I had to process through, however, how and why I do color consults is not a departure at all. It fits quite well. More on that another day soon.

It seemed out of left field—do something in the interior design arena? What? I’m all about soul-empowerment, psycho-spiritual transformation, intuition, and relaxation.

I had to check for me derailing me, that it wasn’t the inner saboteur talking. I have spent a lot of time putting together helpful content and guided relaxation MP3’s, and am working on the group program (okay, one of the group programs, hee, hee) I’ve been wanting to do for over a year, and just when I have things together I want to do something different?

What I have been working on has come together more slowly than I thought it would—or I’ve gone slower than I would have thought. I could give a few reasons why and some of that includes me learning more about me, but one is that I had to do a lot of things that are not in my wheelhouse while not doing as much of the things that are. FYI, that’s a shortcut to squashing Joy. It’s a real bummer.

Do I share with you that I hit burn-out? And right when things were ready to roll? Yeah, I did. It was really hard to admit to myself, or to anyone else. I’m even uncomfortable admitting it now.

How? How could I feel burnt out? I was doing what is in alignment with my Soul, right? Yes—and no. Yes, teaching you about You is my jam and I was getting things together to do that more, and better, and in ways that are true to me (which means I can serve you better). However, meanwhile, I wasn’t teaching very often nor mentoring you yet, and I wasn’t doing other things that are also part of me and help me be in Joy, namely, creative projects.

I found myself saying, “I want something pretty,” or “can’t I do something pretty?” It kind of sounded trite or superficial, but now I know it wasn’t. And really, even if it were, so what?! What’s wrong with a little frivolity? Nada.

[Sidebar: I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve noticed sometimes we get so serious about Soul alignment when in reality, many (all?) of our Souls are really playful. I know mine is!]


So, my point (like Ellen DeGeneres, I do have one), I had to listen to certain things I was thinking and saying, and acknowledge that maybe it was my higher intelligence part of me (Higher Self/Soul) that was speaking.

I’m so glad I did. I feel refreshed, renewed. Excited, more focused, and ready to play. In Joy.

I wanted to share this because part of what I do is help you better understand your intuition. Do I get mine 100% of the time? OMGosh, no!
My intuition was speaking to me, but it took me a little while to pay attention to it. Might seem kind of crazy given that part of what I do is teach you about yours, but that’s just it. This kind of thing is part of the process. It happens, and you learn. I had to let go of linear logic (again) and listen.

I’ll share more about my color consulting soon. I confess, I have not been the best at posting and letting you know what’s up, and I shall be better. (It’s one of the things that’s not in my wheelhouse. Oh, alright, way out of my comfort zone.)

For example, did I ever announce that I created “Master Your Mind” that I finished a month or two ago? Whoops. And how silly, because I’m super excited about it. It helps you calm and clear your mind. Who doesn’t need that? It’s a convenient go-to bundle of guided MP3’s and videos that you can use whenever you want and it’s just $11. <=<= click to purchase

One last word about Joy. We often see the phrase, “finding Joy.” The thing is, it’s not lost. It is not out there, but in here, so be true to you in all ways. That’s the Joy.

Maybe I had to forget to remember.

I would love to hear about what you in-Joy, especially anything that might seem frivolous.

Join me on my FB page or join my “Soul Empowered Tribe” FB Group so I can hear all about it.

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