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Guided relaxations are a convenient yet highly effective way to help you with a variety of needs such as stress management, physical relaxation, mental clarity, goal setting and getting, as well as personal empowerment.

These recordings can be used whenever you want to recharge or before going to sleep. For best results, use it daily for several days, then periodically for maintenance. For even better best results, enroll in one of my programs.

Many of the recordings have “binaural beats,” or brainwave entrainment, which are scientifically designed to help you shift into relaxation brainwaves (Alpha) or deeper (Theta). You will need to use headphones for the binaural beats.

61-Point Relaxation – Free with E-mail Sign-Up

Relax…This is a progressive relaxation technique in which 61 points on the body are named. As each is named the area around it relaxes. You come out of it feeling refreshed and recharged.

  • Relaxes the physical body
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • No music (voice only)
  • Total time 13:46
De-Clutter Your Mind

De-Clutter Your Mind

Get rid of mental clutter…This recording addresses both the body and the mind. After a progressive relaxation, you “clean out” the clutter in your mind, just like you would a drawer or closet.

Use “De-Clutter Your Mind” for:

  • Whole body relaxation
  • Mental relaxation
  • Clearing your mind
  • Organizing both your physical space and mental space
  • Cultivating mental clarity

“De-Clutter Your Mind” includes:

  • Binaural beats to help induce relaxation (brainwave entrainment)
  • Acoustic guitar and piano
  • Total time: 17:42
Connect Your Soul

Connect to Your Soul

Can you hear you now?

Your soul is talking to you. Are you listening? Do you know how to listen to it?

Your soul communicates with you through your intuition. Many people believe that having intuition is a gift for just a few, but the truth is, it is a skill everyone can develop. This recording helps you become more aware of and in tune with your own intuition.

**This recording is included in the “Practical Intuition” upgraded program.**

Use “Connect to Your Soul” for:

  • Soul awareness and connection
  • Developing your Intuition
  • Understanding your intuition

“Connect to Your Soul” includes:

  • Binaural beats to help induce relaxation (brainwave entrainment)
  • Acoustic guitar and piano
  • Total time: 24:05
Flowing with Opportunity

Flowing with Opportunity

If you love prosperity….this is for you. This spiritually-based recording addresses the physical, mental, and energy system to help you tap into Source and attract opportunities.

After I listened to this recording every night for 40 days, it was as if I couldn’t not find an opportunity. They showed up everywhere and in some unexpected ways, including an “out of the blue” call offering a new teaching opportunity.

Use “Flowing with Opportunity” for:

  • Whole body relaxation
  • Purification of your energy
  • Tapping into Source and Limitlessness
  • Cultivating spiritually-based prosperity
  • Attracting opportunities
  • Being in “the flow”

“Flowing with Opportunity” includes:

  • Binaural beats to help induce relaxation (brainwave entrainment)
  • Ambient music and flowing water sounds
  • Total time: 14:36
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