Empower Yourself

Guided Relaxation

Relax into your power! 

MP3 downloads to use at your convenience. 

Master Your Mind

Have a sharp mind witout the edge.

Cultivate calmness and clarity of mind

Use-at-your-convenience guided program. Includes MP3's & videos.

Intuition Practical Intuition

Practical Intuition

Knowing how to use your intuition is essential to being soul empowered. 

This 4-part video series explains what your intuition is and how to use it.  




"Sandy uncovered powerful insights into false beliefs I held about myself as an entrepreneur, and delivered a transformative experience with compassion and clarity. Working with her feels like being guided along my true path with the sun at my back - wonderful!" 

Elaine Rogoza - Write Like a Goddess, www.manifestyourbooknow.com

Clarity & Confirmation...

 "I felt off track in my business and wasn't sure what my next step should be. I felt a change was required and I had an idea what it might be, but I was lacking clarity. Sandy confirmed the direction I was feeling guided to move toward and then gave me many more ideas to start moving in that direction. Now I have more energy around this idea and am excited to see what will come next. Thanks for the clarity, direction, and support, Sandy!" 

Jill Hope, www.ishinekids.com  



My soul purpose session with Sandy was incredible! She validated and clarified my deep sense of purpose and gave me insights into what that looks like in brilliant, practical, life-applicable steps. 




“Sandy has an amazing gift. I was at first somewhat skeptical but her [Past Life Influences] reading was so spot on for my situation and miraculously I felt a huge shift in just a few days. Very cool. Thank you, Sandy!” 

~Hilary C.~

Profound Relaxation

 No expert level meditation experience needed here! Her guided relaxations are for all levels, all frames of mind.  I love that I can have it as a tool, whether offline and cozying up for the night or stressed out in my office chair. It’s a must-have! Get comfy and prepare yourself for some AHMazing guidance. Sandy’s voice is like a cosmic lullaby, easing away all tensions and worries, allowing the body and mind to drop into profound relaxation. 

~Jessica R.~

Abundance Flowing


Sandy’s guided relaxation [Flowing with Opportunity] has created a new sense of abundance in my life. When I was listening, I could feel the monetary abundance flowing through me and it has improved my life! It also gave me a new reason to remember my gratitude.  


Hi! I'm Sandy...

I am glad you are here!

“You empower you,” and I help you do that.

Empowerment is not given to you by someone else. You do it by: 

  • Being aware of your Self (note the capital ‘S’) and being true to that
  • Knowing yourself (the good and the bad) 
  • Becoming skilled at enhancing the good and minimizing the bad
  • Making conscious choices (respond instead of react) 
  • Clearing what is in your way of doing the above on a more regular basis 

Simple, right? Yeah, kind of, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

Which is why I am here to mentor you on your self-discovery adventure!

To help you get started, I want to send you a complimentary guided relaxation (downloaded MP3). 

Relaxation is of great importance for overall happiness and well-being. 

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